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notary public Peterborough

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Notaries main functions are the administering of oaths and affirmations, taking affidavits and statutory declarations, to witness, authenticate, and execute certain classes of documents.

The following are a non-exhaustive list of services offered. Of course, always contact us if in doubt whether we can be of assistance.


The Public Notaries Act 1801 was introduced to put the regulation of notaries on a statutory footing, its introduction describing it as “an Act for the better Regulation of Public Notaries in England”. However, it is the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990 and the Legal Services Act 2007 that oversees the statutory regulation today. They grant regulatory powers to the Master of the Faculties; namely, a functionary in the office of the Archbishop of Canterbury. This position is always held by the Dean of the Arches. Interestingly, this Office is exempt from any FOI requests.